Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The media hates us!

Why is it that the media hates America? I often ask myself that question and the only logical answer is, because they do. When did they fall out of love with lady liberty? I read old newspapers and magazines from the World War II era and they love us, they really love us! They had to because it is difficult to find any negative coverage relating to deaths in battle during that time, or the war itself. It is difficult to find any negative coverage relating to the handicap of President Roosevelt. Did I say difficult? It is impossible! Hell, the general public did not even know the severe degree of his handicap until many years later.

I was recently watching a documentary on President Roosevelt on the History Channel. The one thing that caught my attention was the voice over announcer stating that the media had too much respect for the President to show him in a wheelchair. He went on to say that the media would never show any photos or footage of the President being carried out of or into his car. They would also patently wait in the wing while the President’s assistants placed him behind a desk. Then they would insure the wheelchair was not in the photo shot before interviews. Yes, he was a great man, yes he brought America out of the depression and yes to all the rest and it really had no bearing on his presidency. He did his job well. But this would not happen today.

Today, if President Bush had a handicap the media would find every expert they could find, locate, will with their mind, or magically conjure who was willing to state due to the President’s handicap, he was unable to perform the duties of his office. To back this statement up they would consult every medical source, non-medical source, expert, or anyone who was willing to say they were an expert, read tarot cards, use ouija boards, or just make the damn thing up and attribute it to an un-named source. Anything to prove their point the President needs to resign for the good of the country. You all know this is true too, whether you are a Republican or Democrat, you know it is true.

The media continued their love affair with America through the Kennedy administration. I have seen reporters from that period being interviewed on President Kennedy. All of them stated that the media was aware of his wondering eye for women and they knew what went on behind closed doors. I saw one documentary stating that J. Edger Hoover had agents shadowing and monitoring conversations with a known mafia don. During the course of their investigation, the agents discovered who his girlfriend was. So, to protect America they shadowed her too. (Note: Remember, during the Hoover administration the FBI was shadowing and listening in to anyone they wanted to. He had dirt on every politician in Washington and not one of them had the nerve to stop him.)

They quickly discovered that the don’s girlfriend had two boyfriends, one of which was a young senator named, John Kennedy. It was said that Hoover took the photos and investigation notes to the senior Kennedy, John’s father and advised him to have his son clean up his act. Of course Hoover left with his standard comment whenever he uncovered dirt, “Let the Senator know I will be watching him.” Anyone who heard that from Hoover knew exactly what he meant.
I guess it was President “I am no crook” Nixon who is to blame for the media ending their love affair. Hell, even high school newspapers were investigating that President. So, we have him to blame, because from that point on the office of the President was open territory for reporters. Today I can pick up any newspaper, turn on any news show and I hear how bad the President has screwed the pooch. They destroy our military, anything and everything they can get their hands on relating to the country and how it is being run.

Yep, they hate us, they really do. Maybe we should send flowers and candy and ask if we can start over.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Looking for a hero

Looking for a hero?

I recently read an article asking the question, “Where have all the heroes gone?” I recall asking the same question to my brother and he quickly replied, “Easy, they are all serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. His reply echoed my own feelings, I just did not want to state that, afraid of putting it in his mind before his answer.

Over the past months I have followed a few of our troops in service to their country. Their blogs were enlightening, thought provoking and at times caused me to shed a tear right along with them. Their comments on loosing a fellow soldier or marine would place me in another time and place, another war, another life and I would sit back reflecting on this while reading their blogs. I must confess that I would become totally wrapped up in their thoughts and would become very emotional. Brotherhood and I miss it.

I see kids at bus stops showing book covers displaying images of rappers to each other, these are their heroes and that is sad, very sad. Look to Iraq, look to Afghanistan, these men and women are the heroes of today. Not the rappers hashing out their lives in song and verse in an attempt to show the world how bad they are. Not the actor’s in the movies, for that is acting, not life. Ask Bruce Willis who his heroes are, he will show you the photo presented to him from The Deuce Four, a returning unit from Iraq. Read the story on Michael Yon: Online Magazine, The Punisher’s Ball. This article is packed with heroes, each and every person from the unit is one, but don’t ask them if they are, they were only doing their job. Ask Danjel Bout, an officer serving as Commander of A Co, 1-184 IN, 3ID in Southern Baghdad. He will tell you of the men he has lost, they are his heroes. Read his blog, 365 and a wakeup and you will agree.

Most dictionaries describe a hero as a person performing an extraordinary and praiseworthy deed. The Greeks loved their heroes and Homer immortalized them in his epic poem, The Iliad. They were always flawed though, as Achilles searching for his immortality through battle. Their heroes had these flaws to make them more human, relating to a God or Demigod was a harder thing to do.

The heroes of today can be found in many uniforms, many braches of service and in both sexes. They look death squarely in the face and return reborn with new insights into life. They have lost friends, they have sacrificed and in return they ask nothing. Most don’t even like the attention they receive when a medal is bestowed upon them. Ask most honored by a Silver Star or Navy Cross if they earned it. Most will tell you it was the other person, the one who lost their life, always someone else except them. When you ask them remember this, medals are not won, they are awarded.

If you or your children are looking for a personal hero I suggest you go to Milblogging.com, most military blogs are listed here. Find one of the many blogs of active duty military serving in harm’s way. Read their story. I’ll bet you will find a hero. In fact I know it.

Greetings all

Greetings all,

I wanted to give a brief explanation for my absence. I have been out of computer reach for a period of time, but back in the saddle now and will be updating shortly.

To all who have stopped by, thank you and God Bless. Support our troops and keep them in your prayers.

Old Ranter