Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The mind of a traitor

I have always prided myself on my patriotism and for serving my country many years ago. To this day I get a chill wash over me when the flag is raised accompanied by the Star Spangled Banner. Although I am a bit older now and supposedly wiser, if the situation allowed me to once again don an Army uniform, I would do so with as many HooAh's as humanly possible. Yes, I love my country and to this very moment, I would lay down my life to protect her.

This far reaching patriotism of mine has always came to a head when I read of someone basically selling out our country for whatever reason they may have. These reason vary among different people too, financial needs, the desire for excitement, the thrill of the game, whatever be the reasoning behind someone selling out their country the fact remains that I feel they are the lowest forms of humanity, the bottom of the heap, the scum that crawls without arms or legs through the normal goodness of humanity.

This is why, when I first read of Dr. Rafiq Abdus Sabir trial for providing material support to terrorists by agreeing to treat injured al-Qaida fighters so they could return to Iraq to battle Americans, I became sick to my stomach.

Rafiq Abdus Sabir, was convicted in Manhattan federal court after a three-week trial that featured testimony from him and Ali Soufan, an FBI agent who posed as the al-Qaida recruiter in a sting operation that led to four arrests.

At first, I spent a bit of time in an attempt to understand what would make a person sell out their own country and then the fact struck me that I really did not care what his motives were. This man deserves all of the punishment the law allows and the court is willing to hand down.

Iraq needs new leadershjp

Information is coming in through various news services saying that as Iraq's government compiles a record of failure, the Bush administration is under growing pressure to install a new leadership.

An LA Times, Washington Post article published in The Indian EXPRESS recently stated, "Publicly, administration officials say they remain committed to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, even though after a year in office, his elected government has failed to complete any important steps toward political reconciliation—the legislative "benchmarks" sought by US officials.

But privately, some US officials acknowledge that the congressional clamour to find another approach will increase sharply as the months pass and no progress is made toward tamping down sectarian violence, bringing more minority Sunnis into the government and dividing the nation's oil resources fairly."

Supposedly we are not to interfere within the Iraqi government that we helped to create but the ever increasing problems in Iraq and al-Maliki's
failed record in peace keeping and within the political scene makes it even more important we step in and do something, before it is too late.

The article also states, "A parade of US officials, including Vice-President Cheney, visited al-Maliki recently. Cheney "gathered (Iraqi officials) in his embassy and told them: 'Very frankly, you have to do something,' " recalled Mahmoud Othman, a Kurdish lawmaker. "'If you don't deliver, we can't defend you.'"

Personally, I feel a change in the leadership is long overdue, the present leadership has failed drastically in any attempts at a peaceful existence as well as sheltered the very political leaders we are presently engaged in battles with day after day.

Monday, May 21, 2007

This and that

Click Here for the apocalypse

Did you ever touch that one park bench with the "Do Not Touch, Fresh Paint" sign on it? If you are like me, you just have to reach over and touch it.

I guess the same can be said for a lot of people, thanks to security professional Didier Stevens who has been running a Google campaign for six months now and has received 409 hits on an ad that offers infection for those with virus-free PCs.

The fact that people are actually clicking on something telling them will infect their computer is too much. I mean, come on, we can't make stuff like this up, even if we tried.

This leads me to think of all the fun we could have with a click here to bounce a check, or many other fun things we could all think of.

President Carter said what?

The world is on the brink of total insanity, our military is awaiting funding, all the while wondering if they will have to begin to purchase their own bullets and President Jimmy Carter has finally found a set.

President Carter's administration was filled with high gasoline prices, endless lines at the gas stations and American's held hostage in Iran. The President and his family wore sweaters, kept the White House thermostat turned down and vowed not to leave the White House until the hostages were safely home. He had a long wait.

The President's brother, Billy was a favorite of the media and the darling of beer drinkers everywhere. We loved him, he was our man and he relished in the limelight.

All in all, the Carter Presidency was boring and mundane. It was evident that Jimmy was more comfortable in Georgia than the fast paced moments of being the most powerful man in the free world.

Fast forward to today and we have Jimmy Carter talking to the media and saying what a terrible job President Bush has done and how bad his preemptive military strategies in the Middle East are and the damage they have done.

Of course, that was until the media got hold of it, now it is time for all the spin control.

Just when we all thought that President Carter found a set and he backtracks.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

What a mess

I confess to taking the wrong stance lately in Iraq and beyond. As my good friend and blog buddy Wild Bill pointed out, we are there for all the marbles, the whole enchilada. We are the caretaker to the flame of brightness burning in the world and if we do not take a stand and fight, then there will be nothing left to fight for.

This just about sums it all up in a few words and the sad part to this ever changing equation; we are the lone voice in the wind. Not only that, but we are in this fight without the support of a Congress, who is more concerned with making the President say "Uncle" then insuring the flame of freedom stays lit through these stormy nights.

In response to my post yesterday, Wild Bill said, "But if we don't have Troops in Iraq and The Stan, then where are we gonna be when Iran gets their nukes loaded onto missiles, or Musharraf gets his head cut off and Al Q takes control of those missiles there already loaded and fueled, or Assad decides to kick off a little genocide experiment with Hezbollah and starts over-runnin the Israeli borders ??"

This is about as to the point as it can get and my brothers and sisters, it is right on the money. We are in this for a lot of reasons and it is time politicians in this country took their heads out of their collective behinds and took stock of the situation, before it is far too late to do so.

We have politicians and bleeding hearts screaming for the war to end, little do they realize the end game that is on the horizon, waiting. There are individuals plotting our demise even as we speak, they wish nothing more than the total destruction of all that we hold dear and they have the capabilities to insure this takes place.

Does anyone really think that Iran is building these weapons of mass destruction for their own self protection? They are simply puppets in a war being orchestrated by other people, nothing more.

Yes, we are the keeper of the world's soul, not just our soul of democracy and if we loosen our hold even the slightest amount then it could very well slip out of our hands and float endlessly in the winds of change..

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pick up the pieces

I believe that I have reached a solution to the war and I have done this while we are In the midst of all the political, behind the scenes and in front of the camera nonsense is taking place regarding the funding to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is all too apparent that a lot of the Iraqi people could care less about the men and women protecting them, fighting for their freedom. This was even more apparent in the debacle where three of our soldiers were taken captive. The reports stated that an Iraqi police team was accompanying our troops, when the firefight began, they choose not to fight, in other words, these pathetic, cowardly pieces of scum stood there while brave American's were fighting for their lives.

Here is my idea, draw back every bit of the military presence in Iraq, all the way back to an effective line surrounding Iraq. Now that they have done that, let the Iraqi people fend for themselves, fight their battles without close air support or reinforcements of American military. Let them fight it out until the last man is standing.

Then, when all the smoke has cleared and we can see exactly who is running the country, Iran, Syria, al-Qaeda, whomever, we go back in and eradicate them from the face of the Earth.

I know, this really sounds like a dumb plan, but in truth, it is a great one, because this is what is going to happen anyway, the moment we pull out this exact scenario will take place, they are all just waiting for this moment anyway. It would save us a lot of manpower and resources in the future and stop it before it began.

The whole affair is insane to begin with, that we are protecting people who could care less if we live or die. The people of Iraq have no clue as to what their future will be if we pull out, they are living in a false sense of security thinking that they would prevail if this happened, when in fact they would be worse off then when they lived under Saddam.

Stupid is as stupid does

If for some reason we Americans wanted to send word to our enemy that we were fed up fighting, playing politics, and we were just plain tired of playing the game, how would we do that?

I actually thought about this and the answers that I came up with were not too surprising.

The easiest way for us to send a message to the enemy would be to just do exactly what we are presently doing, stopping the funding. If we did not want it to appear that blatantly obvious that we were throwing in the towel, we could create a series of teases, little messages and then hold back the funds in some big move to make headlines. All in all, it means the same, we quit, tired of playing, we want to go home.

I know, this is un-American, in fact it would be considered to be a traitorous thing to do, but they are doing it. The sad statement is they are doing it after many of our brave sons and daughters gave their all in the fight for Iraq. One would have thought it wiser to just not bother in the first place.

It is totally amazing me how this travesty is taking place before the eyes of the public and no one, not one single person is raising their voice to question this.

The people presently in power are trying to make the President tow the line, say Uncle, nothing more, they are playing with the lives of America's son's and daughter's and no one is speaking up to question this?

The repercussions from this nonsense are only just beginning, the enemies is taking a wait and see approach, they really do not believe we can be that stupid either, but guess what, they are right, we really can.

Those playing this game of Russian roulette think they are in some way making an antiwar statement, when that is not even the case; it is just plain stupidity, nothing more. They are simply making it easy for al=Qaeda to plan their attacks upon our great nation, now and into the future.

While all of this political bovine excrement is taking place we have our son's and daughter's being killed from the lack of armor, better equipment, better technology and they only thing we see is more of the same political crap, nothing more.

The movie Forest Gump had a saying, "Stupid is as stupid does", we can only hope the dum-dums involved in this fiasco are planning their shrimp business, that may be all that is left in a few years.

Friday, May 18, 2007

All my hope and prayers

I often discuss the trying times we are living within and the fact the overall strange and twilight zone feelings that tend to wash over me at times. The present disturbing headlines of the ambush which took place in Iraq and the three soldiers taken captive by al-Qaeda is a classic example of what I have been saying.

The fact that three American soldiers were taken captive by a terrorist's organization with a history of torture and beheading has been haunting me since then. This is not the typical wartime POW, scenario in which are military was taken prisoner, tortured, kept in less than human-living conditions and if still alive at wars end, released as if nothing ever happened.

This is not even a standing army, nothing that would even come close to that statement. This is simply a mass of individuals disenchanted with their own way of life that has been taught that all of their problems have been brought about by the wicked west.

They do not subscribe to the policies regarding the treatment of prisoners of war, they do not even care about them.

These animals do not even refer to our military as such, but as "crusaders" in a direct and intentional reference to the medieval crusades. They gleefully exclaim that they have broken the shield of invincibility of the American soldier and then throw in that they were taken captive in retaliation for some crime or another that was to have been committed upon their people.

This disgusts me to no end and should have the same effect on every American in this country. Unfortunately, it does not and this too leads to total disgust within me.

My thoughts, prayers and hope is with the soldiers and their families.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ft. Dix thoughts

Fort Dix Plot Called "New" Form Of Terror.

CBS/AP: One drove a cab, three were roofers. Another worked at a 7-Eleven and a sixth at a supermarket. Their alleged plot to attack Fort Dix was foiled by another blue-collar worker: a video store clerk.

Six foreign-born Muslims were accused Tuesday of planning to assault the Army base and slaughter scores of U.S. soldiers with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades.

The news of a possible attack upon a military base thwarted by law enforcement did not come as too much of a surprise to me. What did bother me greatly was thinking that if not for the sharp eyes and willingness to help of an unidentified clerk, we would have been reading a totally different outcome. This individual should be commended, they are an inspiration.

Throughout the course of history, nations have went to war over a plethora of reasons, land, food, riches, women, freedom from oppression, to cast out an invading army, the reasons were many, the rational not always correct, but swords were drawn and the battle joined until one was the clear victor.

These are violent times we are living within and contrary to what Congress would have us believe, we are presently and actively engaged in an undeclared state of war. This war is not against a standing army, but individuals with little regard for human life whose sole purpose is the destruction of the very fiber of our nation, what we stand for and our way of life.

Their reasoning and rational for warfare against the United States is simple, they do not like what we stand for, how we live our lives, how we work to succeed, everything which comprises an American, to put it in simple terms, they are attacking us because they hate us.

We have freedom of religion, the freedom to worship as we choose, when we choose, because of this we are infidels. They wish to kill us because of our religious freedom and not embracing their views. Yet, as Americans we place our lives in harms way to insure they have that very right in which to believe.

As Americans we came to grips with the American dream long ago. We know for a fact that it is not a dream, but a reality, achieved through hard work and dedication.

In the enemy's eyes, we are Don Quixote de la Mancha, atop our decrepit farm horse, Rocinante, charging into battle against our windmill and defending the virtues of our lady, Dulcinea and we are decadent, just ask them .

As I mentioned, amazing times we are living in. It was not that long ago that the very thought of attacking a military base would be enough to stop someone. Today, terrorists are convulsing with joy with the very thought of attacking and killing our troops.

Monday, May 07, 2007

New levels of hate

Hamas Uses Mickey Mouse Look-Alike to Teach Terror to Kids on TV
Click Here for full story

Ah, cartoons, Popeye eating a can of spinach, biceps billow out four times their size, the battleship Iowa and Missouri centered in each bicep tossing shells towards nowhere. That was many years ago, today Popeye is all about green, he loves trees, the ecology and Bluto accompanies him on his quest to insure the Earth stays green. And they wonder why no one bothers to watch them, ids love Popeye kicking butt, they know it is not real, but here in the land of the free cartoons are not into violence.

This does not apply to other cultures in the world, just as the Hamas who use a Mickey Mouse Look-Alike to Teach Terror to Kids on TV. According to the article, On the weekly program "Tomorrow's Pioneers," Farfur and a young girl name Saraa' tell children to pray five times each day and drink their milk, while urging the children to "resist" the "oppressive invading Zionist occupation."

This answers any question ever raised how two or three lightly armed insurgents can hold a tank and its crew under fire for long periods of time before they are neutralized. They are indoctrinated from birth, mentally trained until the time they are physically trained, simple as that.

Today's fighter does not play by rules of conventional warfare, come on, you really have to love a statement like that, it has always boggled my mind when hearing that phrase. This explains a lot and it does not take a degree in humanity to grasp the meaning of it either.

The cultures raising children in this manner have been very successful in breeding bigotry, hatred and violence towards an enemy. Entire religious sects are raised to hate the other and combined they are raised to hate Israel and anyone backing or supporting it and they have done so for hundreds of years.

On a personal level, I find their use of childhood imagination as a tool for teaching their children bigotry and hatred to be reprehensible. Their use of it as a teaching aid is beyond my level of personal disgust, it really does place their thought process in the proper perspective and sheds a bit of light into their minds.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

We make them laugh?

Al-Qaida No. 2 mocks Bush, Iraq pullout bill

On tape, Al-Zawahri says troop withdrawal would 'deprive' group of targets

Let's be honest here folks, we all knew that sooner or later, al-Qaeda was going to toss their two cents into the media circus surrounding the timetable Congress is trying to shove down the White House's throat in their little game of, "I'm the boss?"NO, I am the boss!" - ad nauseam!

Personally, I don't like reading the morning news and discovering that America is giving so much needed comic relief to the guys hiding out in the caves while their minions are hiding behind second story curtains zeroing in their Iranian supplied sniper rifles on our military.

We can only hope that we are not making them laugh so hard that one of them spilled a glass of juice all over those nice little maps they have been collecting of our country. After all, they worked so hard marking off the spots they want to visit someday, the Federal and State landmarks, Federal Dams, bridges, the nation's power grid, military posts and training sites, the dense population areas, mass transportation - airports, railroad and all of our nation's highway system.

The truly sickening comment to their happiness is Congress and the White House are far from over and if any of the elected officials who voted for the Iraqi timetable bill will stop for a moment and think back to the ones who did not vote for it and some of the comments they made as their reasons. This exact scenario, as well as many similar were brought up as not only a possibility of happening, but will happen. Your political maneuvering, "one-up-man-ship" and "whose the boss" games only provide the enemy with comic relief while they plan further actions against our nation.

Al-Zawahri's comments deserve an answer from us, after all, we provided him with comic relief and he did tell us how much he enjoyed the moments. The problem is I don't quite know how to say it in his language and I would not like to get it wrong. So, I will make up a scenario which the translators will not experience any problems with and I will preface them with either "scenario" or "what I really wanted to say".

Scenario: One of the guys from the cave used his satellite cell phone to log his laptop into terrorist net and is reading through the latest Chuck Norris jokes and begins to laugh so hard that juice begins to run out of his nose.

What I really wanted to say: as long as we are entertaining you with so much laughter, return the favor, give us a bit of humor, please use your satellite cell phone to log your laptop into the net, we love watching the CIA home a Predator onto the satellite cell phone signal and send a smart bomb down the signal into that tidy little cave, really makes us laugh and juice to run out of our nose

Scenario: It's one of those typical days in the cave, the temperature outside in the sun is running about 135 Fahrenheit, the cave is really sticky and Osama's been sweating like a pig and really thirsty. So, he reaches into the rock freezer, grabs 64 ounces of juice and slams it down.

The immediate change in old Osama inspires awe in all of you. The juice and the heat of his stomach immediately turn to gas, swelling his stomach out to about two or three times its size. You stand there in amazement waiting for it to explode, but he steps into an out of the way spot in the cave and fills the entire cave with belly gas.

What I really wanted to say: Everything that comes out of your mouth smells like the bovine excrement that it is and each and everyone of you are full of hot air.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Computer war and Mac vs. PC

While reading through this morning's headlines I decided to see what was going on in the trenches of the hard-fought and fast-paced world of Computer News. What better place to see how the byte war is doing and who has progressed to claim title of mountain king for the day. While there I began thinking of how the industry has grown,

Since the dawning of the computer revolution, heated industry rivalries have existed, some even disliking the other bad enough to secretly want to put the other out of business, some of these guys just do not play too well together.

This was a different world when the home computers were born, comprised of people that normally hung around computer clubs, friend's basements, building breadboards, they were loners, geniuses, whiz-bang students with ideas and garages to build computers within and often got their own way.

They formed businesses; work clothes varied, cut-offs or sweat stained dress shirts, depending on which business you visited that day. Oh, they were there nights too, because that was how they did things, IQ's as high as theirs did not give them much of a peer group, at least at work they could enjoy things, tinker with electronics, software, play computer games, they did not think the way other people did, they thought out of the box. One of the two, soon-to-be largest competitors had a penchant for flying a large black, skull and cross bones pirate flag outside of his offices, yep, thought out of the box. Even when competing against one another, they took it to new levels completely.

Truth be told, competitors within the same industry have always been at one form of war or another with their rivals. Of course, these battles have traditionally been waged in the field of advertising, not the field of battle, The concept of the battle for name recognition was nothing new to end users like us, after all, we had survived the first-shots in the battles for name recognition, with "Where's the Beef?" and the Coke vs. Pepsi wars.

The computer wars have always held a certain fascination for me, this was not a battle for our taste buds with the winner throwing the best knock-out punch in the media ring and our well sought after spending dollars as the championship belt. This was the dawning of the age of computers, hardware, software and peripherals were rushed out of research and into the end-user market faster than a 1200 baud modem.

That area though was not where the true problem was hiding, as IBM quickly learned when preparing their home computers for market, they needed something to make everything work cohesively as one unit, not more hardware, what they needed was an operating system.

When the computer revolution began the concept of one, universal anything was as alien as high speed connections. The VHS vs. Betamax war had recently ended, we would be using VHS until something new came out for the recording industry to wage war over, perhaps something like, Blue-ray vs. HD DVD. We consumers had only recently discovered we could actually effect what product would be an "industry standard," now we needed to choose an operating system and most of us were asking, what is an operating system?

Of course, we all know the outcome very well, Bill Gates did pretty fair, he and his Microsoft taught IBM all about software licensing with their MS DOS. Today, well, to make the story short, Microsoft and Apple are the winners and Microsoft really does not like losing, so much that their legal expenses probably run higher than some of the national debts of smaller countries. BUT THEY WIN!

Good old Jobs, Apple went down hill, he made them winners again. Steve has this attitude and tends to be a winner.

Apple's "Mac vs. PC" commercials now have their own following, they also have a full after market as well as the basis for many spoofs. The link I created will take you to Google Video and load the Bloated PC video with many others to watch.

There has been quite a few spoofs of this commercial; a few have been pretty good. Here is one from MojoFlix that is quite funny at times. It is a cartoon parody, titled: MojoFlix, Gates vs. Jobs, Microsoft vs. Apple.