Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In Memory of Old Ranter

Oh my dearest friends,

This is perhaps the most difficult post I have ever made. My dearest, dearest, most dearest friend and comrade Old Ranter passed away today 3.18.08 at approximately 5am.

There are no words to express the depth of sorrow that his family, his close friends and I are feeling. Personally, he was my best friend. He used to call me his "tele-wife" because we talked on the phone for hours and hours to such a degree that his brother had to buy him a new extra powered cell phone battery.

His family was so awesome to him - all his life he knew he was loved. How precious is that? He was a loving friend to many, protective and devoted Uncle, best brother you could imagine, and a loving son.

He donated literally thousands of hours to the non-profit organization I run. How can I ever thank him?

He loved computers, anything high-tech or security related. I have fond memories of seeing him walk into my home with numerous gadgets on his belt.

I express to you all my love for him and I know how important you all were to him, and how wonderful this blog was and will continue to be.

His knowledge of history will continue to amaze me.

With love,

Desert Woman desertwoman1(at)gmail.com